How to add function descriptions to FASTA sequences

Short descriptions in fasta sequence help us to quickly gain insight into important information about a sequence. Automatic assignment of Human Readable Descriptions (AHRD) is popularly used to add select descriptions and Gene Ontology terms that are concise, informative and precise. This bash script run DIAMOND to search homology to three different databases (TAIR, uniprot_sprot, and uniprot_trembl), then run AHRD and, finally perform the addition of new information fasta description.


bash fasta_input
Extract Part of a FASTA Sequences with Position by python script HERE


  • Install AHRD
  • Install DIAMOND (move to dist directory)
  • Download database sequences for TAIR, uniprot_sprot, and uniprot_trembl. make the DIAMOND blast database and name them uniprot_sprot, arabidopsis, and uniprot_trembl and move the file to a new directory database.
  • Download and decompress the resources.tar in the working directory.

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