How to Predict ORF from Multiple Fasta Sequence

Previously I shared the Bioinformatics tools for DNA or RNA manipulation and multiple DNA sequence translator. Although withmultiple DNA sequence translator we can convert several DNA to protein but I got stuck when I decide to predict open reading frame (ORF) out of several expression sequence tags (EST). Although in theory, both DNA to protein translator and ORF predictor do similar kind of task but there are some basic difference in both result. Although I tried several tools to predict ORF out of several hundred ESTs but, in my opinion, ORF predictor by Dr. X. Min was the best.
I tested this Bioinformatics tools for ORF prediction multiple fasta sequence and all the time it was 100% accurate. You can use ORF predictor as server from HERE or you can write to Dr. Min to use the ORF predictor as a offline tools. It contains 2 wonderful simple PERL script that work efficiently and accurately.
How to Remove Duplicate Sequences from a multi fasta Files HERE

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