How do I install Blast2go 3 on Ubuntu

Blast2go is an indispensable Bioinformatic software tool for the automated, high-throughput functional annotation of novel sequence. Since it si a java based programme therefore you can easily install Blast2go to any machine, windows, linux, mac. Very recently authors of Blast2go released the new version of  Blast2go that will be known as Blast2go 3. New version of Blast2go has nice colorful user interface. Unlike the older version Blast2go 2.8 which can run by java webstart, you have to install the Blast2go 3 on your machine.

Installation steps (for 64 bits Ubuntu machine)

  • Download  Blast2go 3 installation file from HERE
  • Extract the .zip file
  • Run the file through terminal and follow the instructions
  • Now you are set to run the brand new Blast2GO 3
How do I install Blast2go on Ubuntu HERE

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