Google Genomics : A New Way to Explore and Share Your Data

Google has recently launched a new Bioinformatic resource 'Google Genomics'. Google Genomics provides an application-programming interface 'to store, process, explore, and share DNA sequence reads, reference-based alignments, and variant calls, using Google's cloud infrastructure'.

New Features

  • Store: With Google Genomics API, you can store alignments and variant calls for one or several genomes.
  • Process: You can analyze you data in batch by running principal component analysis or Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.
  • Explore: You can explore your data by slicing alignments and variants.
  • Share: You can directly share your genomic data with the person you want to
  • How to Use

  • Sign up/sign in for a Google Account.
  • Create a Genomics enabled project via the Google Developers Console.
  • After redirection to the Credentials tab, click Create new client ID
  • Select Installed application under Application type
  • Select Other under Installed application type
  • Click Create Client ID
  • Under Client ID for native application, Click Download JSON and rename the downloaded file to client_secrets.json.
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