BioJava 3.0.8 : New Version of BioJava released

So if you are a Java Bioiformatician fan then it is a good news for you.Developers of BioJava has recently announced the release of BioJava 3.0.8. New version of BioJava,BioJava 3.0.8, includes several new features as well as a lots of bug fixes and improvements. Just like BioPerl, you can also download BioJava modules from their download page.


Script name Download
BioJava 3.0.8
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New Features

- new Genbank writer
- new parser for Karyotype file from UCSC
- new parser for Gene locations from UCSC 
- new parser for Gene names file from
- new module for Cox regression code for survival analysis
- new calculation of accessible surface area (ASA)
- new module for parsing .OBO files (ontologies)
- improved representation of SCOP and Berkeley-SCOP classifications

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