How to Retrieving Multiple FASTA Sequence using Uniprot ID

Previously, I have shared two different tools to retrieve multiple sequence from NCBI. One was used to retrieve the many sequence record from NCBI using the accession numbers while another tool can be used to retrieve the multiple sequence from NCBI using the range of accession numbers. Now question is how to retrieve multiple FASTA Sequence using Uniprot ID. 

 Method 1. 

Easiest way to retrieve a batch of fasta sequences from for a list of UniProt accession IDs is provided by Uniprot itself. 

  • Go to Uniprot
  • Click on "Retrieve" tab
  • Paste the accession numbers in given test box
  • Click on  "Retrieve" button and you are done.
Method 2. 
You can retrieve the multiple FASTA sequence from Uniprot using Uniprot accession numbers using PERL script also.

Script name Download

perl accessions.txt result.fasta

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