PubReader : Stylish and Easy Way to Read

If you are a PubMed Central lover then you might br notice for quite a long time that there is a new option for article reader in the right upper corner i.e. PubReader. The very common way that a research article we read on the Web is as a single long page that we read by scrolling through vertically. So it is a tedious task to return at original place where you stopped reading after looking into an image. But PubReader will make your life easy now. PubMed Central has introduced PubReader wich will help you to read PMC articles in an easier way ton the web. Some common features are : 

  1. Use the Page-Up, Page-Down, Right-Arrow, Left-Arrow keys on a keyboard.
  2. Tap or click in the right or left margin to turn a page.
  3. Use finger swipes on a touch screen device.
  4. Use a progress bar at the bottom of the screen to jump across the page range.

You may like to give a try to Pubreader  HERE

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