How to Use New NCBI BLAST Result Interface

On NCBI BLAST result page (right up corner, in red font), you might notice a notification 'View these results in the new enhanced report'. Actually people at NCBI have modified the NCBI result summary page. New page is very easy and convenient to explore. New BLAST result page is more informative too. Main new features of the NCBI BLAST result interface are:

  • Coustomizable table in the description section : so you can keep only those column that you want.
  • Navigation within page: You don't have to scroll up and down. You can easily access the whole page by a single click.
  • Download the aligned region: By selecting the hits, you can download the portion that aligned with your query.
  • New graphics view of the alignment region : So expect more graphics on NCBI BLAST result page other that conserved domain image.
  • Quick loading : alignment can be load quickly than before.
Don't forget to watch this official bioinformatics video tutorial about new  NCBI BLAST result interface

1. How to install NCBI BLAST on your window. HERE
2. How to parse you NCBI BLAST result. HERE


  1. I want to convert 16S Microbial pre-formatted database in fasta format. I use Blast+ program (2.2.27+ version Window). I could install this program and I know that I must to use blastdbcmd command. The problems are that I don´t know how I have to write right the commannd and also, I have an error message: No alias or index file found nucleotide database 16SMicrobial in search path C:users\Debora\blast-2.2.27+; C:users\Debora\blast-2.2.27+\db\16SMicrobial

    The 16S Microbial file is in db folder. The 16S Microbial is ungzipped and untarzipped. I used WinZip for this.

    I tried to edit the environment variable, I intented to edit the User and System variable but I don´t really understand what I must write. So, I suspect that the database is in the wrong place, but I don´t know how to correct.

    I´ll hope someone can help me.

    Thanks for all


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