iMolview : A New Mobile App to Browse Biomolecules in 3D

iMolview is a new Mobile App for iPhone/iPad and Android operating system introduced by Molsoft L.L.C. iMolview can help you to play with biomolecule like protein, DNA, and drug molecules in 3D. iMolview is linked with Protein Data Bank and DrugBank so that you can use 3D structure easily and efficiently.

5 Free iPhone Apps for Scientists


  1. Download iMolview for your iPhone or iPad HERE 
  2.  Download iMolview for your Android phones and tablets HERE


The key features are:
  • Easy to use touch interface.
  • Save structure and slides (molecular document).
  • A direct link to the Protein Data Bank (PDB) and DrugBank.
  • Structure files (pdb/icb) sync with iTunes.
  • Supports retina display
  • Superimpose multiple objects
  • Side by side stereo
  • Angle and distance measurement
  • Each molecular view can be customized with a rich set of molecular representations including: wires, balls-and-sticks, space filling, ribbon diagrams, and molecular surfaces.
  • Zoom in and out, rotate, spin, pan, and clip the 3D molecule.
  • Search and download structures from NCBI website.
  • Read in any PDB file from any URL.
  • A wide selection of coloring schemes is available.
  • Color background, color molecule by atom type, chain, N- to C- terminal, and secondary structure.
  • Select residues, atoms, or chains and color or change their representations individually.
  • Select residues in sequence and get the corresponding selection in 3D.
  • Select the whole chain by holding the corresponding tab.
  • Display fog effect.
  • Set 'inertia' to the maximum and let your molecule spin in 3D indefinitely.
  • Display residue and site labels for the whole object or selection.
  • Direct link to PubMed, Uniprot, and RCSB.
  • Read in your own MolSoft ICM *.icb files.

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