Protein 3D Structure Prediction Tutorial : Part-II

When I am talking about protein structure prediction, then I am considering the prediction of tertiary structure of protein only.  We can talk about secondary and Quaternary protein structure prediction later 

Protein 3D Structure Prediction Tutorial : Part-I

Purposes of Modeling

  • Explaining phenotype of existing mutations
  • Designing mutants to disrupt or alter specific 
  • Prediction about function
  • Drug design
  • Hypothesis generation

Common Terms Used in Protein Structure Modelling

Methods of Protein Structure Modelling

  1. Ab initioprotein modelling - prediction based on physical principles rather than on any previously solved structures. Read more
  2. Comparative protein modeling - model prediction using previously solved structures as a template.  

  • Homology Modeling : based on assumption that two homologous proteins will share very similar structures. Read more

  • Protein threading : Utilize to predict structure of those protein which have the same fold as proteins of known structures, but do not have homologous proteins with known structure. Read more 

Part-III: Video Tutorial for Protein 3D Structure Prediction


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