Some Easy Ways to Download Multiple Sequences from NCBI

If you the list of accession numbers of a NCBI database and want to download the sequence for those accession number in go then here is a easy solution to download bulk sequences from NCBI databases using accession number

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First Method
BATCH ENTREZ is the simplest way to retrieve the nucleotide and amino acid sequences from NCBI. The best thing about this NCBI service is that you can download other datasets also like GSS, EST, GEO and many more if you accession number in very easy manner. Choose database (1). upload your file with accession numbers (2) and click on retrieve button (3).

Steps to download sequences by BATCH ENTREZ

Alternatively, you can watch this bioinformatics video tutorial, to know easiest steps to download many sequences from NCBI

Second Method

Entrez Programming Utilities or EUtilities is another way to use NCBI in programmatic way. This is one of the simplest tool of NCBI to access its resources in programmatic way even by a non programmer biologist. You can access EUtilities tutorial HERE. If you want to download multiple entries from NCBI then  EUtilities may your another easy option to do that. You will use a single line script to do that. You have to define your database (1), file type (2 ) and finally you have to give your accession number separated by commas. This is another quick and easy way to download MULTIPLE NCBI sequences in a go.

Steps to download sequences by EUtilities

EUtilities Script,6701969,6702094,6702105,6702160

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