Scientific Reporting in India : Just A View

Few days ago, I read an article about discovery of oldest rocks in Australia by a professor at the University of Southern Queensland, Dr. Bryce Barker. In fact, it was the oldest rock, 28,000 years old, with any art work and subject matter of that art work was raunchy. I tried to get details of this new from different Indian newspaper. Obviously, I went for a leading new paper, my favorite too, The Times of India. I was surprised to see their title for their news - Porn as old as 28,000 years!, What a conclusion. Totally abstract. Professor will definitely commit suicide to see the conclusion of his research. That is why compare the title of this news with other leading paper of different countries. You can feel the difference by yourself.  
You can visit these pages also to know about new reporting style of other newspapers from other countries.

So friends! ABC News headline "Arnhem Land find proves to be rock art of ages", MSN News headline "NZ academics behind old rock art find", Sydney Morning Herald headline "Rock art find sparks hope for archaeological treasure trove".  Now Compare these news titles to The Times of India titles and you will know the what is the plus point of being from land of Vatsyayan.

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