How to Use Entrez Gene

Entrez Gene is NCBI's gene-centered collection of information from databases maintained by it and other sources. Entrez Gene records are comprehensively annotated and connected to provide you with easy access to numerous types of related information, including literature, taxonomy, conserved domains, GEO Profiles, chemical compound and substance data, gene structure, gene sequence and more. So question is how to use Entrez Gene database easily and utilize its resources for your molecular biology and computational biology courses and research. In the following bioinformaticsvideo tutorials, you will learn to use Entrez Gene database in the simplest way. Please remember that this video was originally made by NIH, and I have just uploaded it to YOUTUBE for better exposure and benefits of others.

Accessing the Entrez Gene through the internet or by flat files via NCBI's ftp site can have some limitation like time- consuming and limiting in regards to the number of genes and what questions you can ask about the data. To answer this question, a team at Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research has developed a MySQL based database and data loading PERL script. You may love to use their services if you seriously involve in some mega project.

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