Easiest Way to Install BIO PERL Module on Window

If you are a PERL lover and use different PERL scripts or BIOPERL modules, then it is very obvious that you may face the problem of missing module. Actually, the thing I, personally, dislike most about BIOPERL modules is their dependencies. In simple word, one BIOPERL modules depend upon another module for its proper functioning. To solve this problem, we search for other module and then series of irritating steps like downloading, untarring, making, etc. starts. But if you have installed Active PERL on your system, then believe me, it’s the easiest task to install BIO PERL module on your Window machines. Steps are as follows.

1. Open your command prompt. (learn about command prompt here)

2. Go to your root directory

3. Type following command and hit ENTER
ppm install module name

ppm install HTTP::Request::Common

Please remember that these commands are CASE SENSITIVE, so don't type

ppm INSTALL HTTP::Request::Common

Now, you are done. If you have any problem then don't hesitate to leave a comment here.

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