Bioinformatics Video tutorial : How to use BioMart for Sequence Retrieval

What is this

Aim of Biomart is to 'provides free software and data services to the international scientific community in order to foster scientific collaboration and facilitate the scientific discovery process'. 

Why BioMart

Because BioMart is a 
  • Freely available
  • Open source 
  • Provides unified access to disparate, geographically distributed data sources 
  • Platform independent,

Uses of BioMart

BioMart can be used to export data from Ensembl without any prgramming knowledge.  You can export information such as tables of gene IDs, gene positions, associated variations, and protein domains, or sequences.

How to use Biomart

You can use following Bioinformatics Video tutorials to import you information from ensemble

This Bioinformatics Video tutorial will help you to use BioMart through webservers as well as R command lines for sequence analysis

Further Reading

  1. Quantitative data: learning to share HERE
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  3. Users manual of BioMart  HERE

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