How to use command prompt and cmd commands on Window 7

Previously I have discussed several methods like how to install NCBI BLAST+ on your Window 7 or how to run PERL script but I forget to tell the key program that is necessary to run these tasks that is command prompt. So let discuss some imporatnt aspect of cmd and its uses on Window 7

What is command prompt:
Microsoft define it as a feature of Windows that provides an entry point for typing MSDOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) commands and other computer commands
Pros of command prompt:
The best part of using command prompt is that you don’t have to use any graphical interface  thus it perform several computationally intensive works without exerting any extra pressure on your processor.

Cons of command prompt:
Since you can use Window command prompt only by typing commands, therefore, it is typically only used by advanced users.

How to use command prompt:
You can reach to command prompt by following method
Click on Start button Picture of the Start button   -> type Command Prompt/cmd in search box -> hit Enter

You can learn more about Command Prompt and commands in this video tutorial

Commands for command prompt:

Well, now you know how to reach to command prompt in Window 7 but don’t know how to tell your cmd to perform a function. So as like any other living beings, cmd also has its own language to talk with. So if you don’t that language then you can’t communicate with your cmd after all it doesn’t have translator. So you can visit this webpages which have very good collection of cmd commands
  • Microsoft Command-line reference A-Z  HERE
  • Wikipedia List of MS-DOS commands  HERE
  • The Windows Command Prompt—Beginner’s Guide  HERE

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