Sequence Analysis : Extraction and Analysis Tutorial

In this post, I am sharing a link for for very good bioinformatics tutorial written by Dr. Gale Rhodes. This tutorial cover the following subject :

  • identification of a gene from a database like NCBI
  • extract the different informations like its location and role in human genome, 
  • nucleotide and amino acid composition of the gene, 
  • nature of neighborhood of this gene, 
  • identification and location of its homologs, 
  • how the homologs are related to each other (phylogenetic relationship), 
  • creating multiple sequence alignment, 
  • creating homology model of protein sequence

Further Reading
  1. You way like to read the original bioinformatic tutorial about protein homology modelling and protein structure viewer from the creator of Swiss-PdbViewer, homology model builder and protein structure viewer  HERE 

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