How to install Bioperl in window 7

In our previous post, I have discussed that how to install PERL on window machines. So now you have PERL on you machines but want to install BioPerl on your window. You may like to know more about BioPerl from HERE. Official tutorial for installation of Bio Perl on window machine can be found HERE.  For BioPerl installation, you will start by

1) Download the ActivePerl MSI from HERE
2) Run the ActivePerl Installer and install it by accepting all defaults. Then follow these steps to install BioPerl On window machine3. Use these links to install Bioperl repositories

Repositories to add
Nameperl 5.8perl 5.10
BioPerl-Regular Releases
BioPerl-Release Candidates

How to install BioPerl on Window 7 Machines

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