Perl Script 2 : Convert Multi Fasta file into a Single line FASTA File

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Update : 7.11.18

You can also use AWK to solve this problem
awk '/^>/ {printf("\n%s\n",$0);next; } { printf("%s",$0);}  END {printf("\n");}' < file.fa >result

I've a multi- fasta file with several unique names, (e.g. > Cryptococcus gattii ), and I need to generate  another file with single line sequence i.e. header in one line sequence in single line below.

>Cryptococcus gattii
>Daphnia pulex

Multi fasta or multi line fasta is a useful file format where fasta header is followed by sequence in several lines instead of in single line. But some softwares accept sequences in a single lines so we need to compress sequences in a single line. Following PERL script can help to do that

Script name Download

Considering sequences are stored in 'input.txt' , result will be stored in 'output.txt' and given PERL script is stored at your 'desktop' named as '', you can use this script as follows

perl   input.txt  > output.txt

Result will be like that


  1. I noticed a few possible errors with your script (only by attempting to run it naively myself). I had to make a few small changes for this to actually work. I realized the issue arises from the way this website handles the use of '<', '>' characters. This effectively removes the file handlers from your script, resulting in it not working. You might want to consider hosting this elsewhere or finding a way around this. Either way, thank you for posting this, I too have been in the need to single line sequence files.

  2. Hi jordyn,
    Thanks for your suggestion. I will consider it in future.

  3. Thanks. It's very useful

  4. Thanks, the template helped me a lot.

  5. Thank you. Your blog has been very useful. This script works very well

    1. Hi Chucao,
      Always welcome. Please to learn that PERL script worked for you.

  6. No such file or directory at ./ line 8.
    i am getting this error while running the script for multi to single fasta could you please help me to resolve this error.

    thanl you

  7. No such file or directory at ./ line 8.
    I am getting this error while converting multi to single fasta could you please help me to fix this error.

    thank you

    1. Thanks for using this script. Error said that your input file is not present. Please make sure to give the proper path. Thanks


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