3 Things any Bioinformatician should know

1- How to work with a computer: And I mean by that, how to work with at least one operating system like Windows, for example. Several kind of softwares have been developed by different groups with or without graphical user interface. So you must know that how to install and use those softwares on at least one operating system.
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2- Basic knowledge of Wet Lab Techniques: You can't be a Bioinformatician without having a basic knowledge in wet lab techniques! In terms of being a bioinformatician, you should also have an appreciation and understanding of the techniques that generating the data you analyse otherwise you might not notice things in the data that are due to the technology rather than the experiment.  In conclusion, I would say that it always helps to understand the principles behind wet-lab techniques that you are closely supporting.

3- How to surf the internet: Today internet is the best teacher . You can find almost everything over internet the only limitation is whether you know the way to search out that thing you are looking for or not! Therefore, it is very important to know the 'proper' surfing because most of bioinformatics operations are made online, and surfing is inevitable part of all these operations. Internet browsers are indispensable because the internet is what made Bioinformatics move so fast, so if you want to be a bioinformatician, you have to know how to work with internet browsers like internet explorer, netscape, chrome. Several extentions are developing by different researchers so you must be well acquainted with those functions to use those bioinformatic resources.

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