Open TextPad and select configure/New Document Class.
Enter Perl for Document Class Name. Click Next.
Enter *.pl for Class menbers. Click Next
Under Syntax checking, open the drop-down menu and select Perl5.syn. Click Next.
Confirm data above, and click Finish to create the Perl document class.

After that, Open Configure/Preference and highlight Tools. An Add button will appear on the right panel. Click the button and selectProgram. If you have installed Perl using the defaults, then select c:\perl\bin\perl.exe from the dialog box.
Expand Configure/Preference/tools to see where Perl has been installed. If you have already installed Java and C compilers, Perl may be the fifth or sixth item. Take note of the number, say 6. Then when you have the program displayed in TextPad, pressing ctrl-6 will compile and execute the script.
In general, that's all there is to configuring TextPad to work with Perl. If you want to change the parameters, go to Configure/preferences/tools and select Perl. The parameters page will appear on the right.
Happy Perling!

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