You, Me and Transgenics

I hail from a small village of Uttar Pradesh, India. I used to go to the crop field with my grandfather. I still can feel the smell of all those fresh vegetables of my land. It was damn easy to identify the crop grown in the field. But now a day things are completely changed. In India, you can’t get any smell of coriander even if you ‘sacrifice’ one Kg coriander leaves in your dishes while in childhood even a pinch of coriander leaves was sufficient to make your dishes VOWWW. This is not true forcoriander only. Tomatocucumber and lots of vegetables can be put in the list. They are claiming that they are improving the quality of these vegetables through damn transgenic technologies. They are trying to put all ‘good things’ in same place. Can you remember the golden rice’? The only good things about these transgenic vegetables are they look good otherwise close your eyes and eat a cucumber, and you can’t differentiate whether you are eating a cucumber or drinking water. So what we get finally from these transgenic vegetables?? There is a ‘doha’ written by a renowned Indian poet Rahim Das….
Khira sir dhari kaati ke, maliye namak lagaye, Rahiman kadwe mukhan ko, chahiye yahi sajaye
"खीरा सिर धरी काट केमलिए नमक लगाएरहिमन कड़वे मुखन कीचाहिए यहीसजाये"
Cut the cucumber from its head side and then mixed the salt in cut area. This is the best way to punish a bad mouth person
Our very ‘desi’ version of cucumber was displeasing on its head side therefore people used to cut it and mixed the salt in sliced area to make its pleasing and final products were awesome. No doubt, modern days cucumbers are free from all these shits but the final products are complete SHITS. Thanks to transgenics science to spoil the Indian plates and a Indian vegetable.

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