Politics of fear

Few days ago, i read a very nice article titled 'Rahul Gandhi and the art of selling fear' of Shonalee Biswas. Although title was very misleading but the way of handling of subject was very interesting. She outlined the important Indian political moves which exploit the fear of public to benefit a particular person r political party. It would not a nice if i say that it's limited to Indian politics only. you can find out this phenomenon throughout the world. Few examples are - here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Irrespective of their origin and ideologies, politicians around globes has been garnering their profit out of public fear. you may love to watch this documentary of BBC.
               But I was thinking whether this phenomenon is limited to politics only?? is it true that only our politicians are utilizing out fear to enjoy their win in elections and other things? No. Leader of other sections of society are are also exploiting the psychology to get benefits. Our religious leaders are the leader of this route. In fact,  their strategies are more dangerous because we really them more than any politicians, and this is the reason that they always try to make an alliance with religious leader. This was always safe because in case of any failure there is a person who can blamed for..that is god. Actually,  ways of exploitation of public of religious leaders have been more dangerous than any one because they are beyond any suspicion, because they are god' own man.

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