Political interference in Indian science

There is a very common saying in Hindi,

naari beech saari hai ki saari beech naari hai, naari hi ki saari hai ya saari hi ki naari hai

It's about confusion of Dushashan during 'Cheer haran' of Draupadi. When he get tired but didn't get success to take the cloths of Draupadi then he got confused that whether Draupadi is made up with 'sari'. This is very true in regards to relation of politics and science in India.Honestly you can't differentiate whether politics is poking its nose in science or science is dying to disturb the comfort of our politician. For example, very recently Indian supreme court ordered for paternity test of veteran Congress leader ND Tiwari who was admant to go through any DNA test while another way Indian state Kerala's CM Mr.V.S Achuthandan requested to central government to stop any extention of service of  Dr.M.R.Radhakrishna Pillai in Rajiv Gandhi center for Biotechnology (RGCB), one of the flag shipped organization under DBT located at Thiruvananthapuram.So friends! conclusion is that both are interfering in each other matters but unfortunately science is doing it unintentionally and unknowingly while politics is doing it for its own benefits. Although science is not going to hamper the health of Indian politics but Indian political interference is going to hamper the progress of Indian science very badly, for sure.
A recent remark of Madhya Pradesh's ministerabout genetically-modified crops reminds me about a scene of a popular Hindi movie Shool. You can watch that scene in the given video. Minister said that genetically-modified food grain and vegetables would be 'non-vegetarian' and Use of genetically-modified seeds would make every grain and vegetable non-vegetarian and end the vegetarian culture. it's really best and most honest comments ever made by any Indian politician and this is the reason whileEnvironment Minister Jairam Ramesh getting harder time to pursue the public and politician to implement the genetically-modified crops. This comments really show the awareness of our politician about our science and these politicians are directed and judges the fate of science and scientist of India, and because of these interference of politic, scientists of India are now behave like "political" scientist because they know that not science but a politician will decide his/her fate.
Large population of scientist want to return to their home land India but only because of these factors they don't get any reasonable chance and reasonable reason to return their motherland. We can read their pain here. in this scenario, nothing can save Indian science from the devil called as politics.

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