Essential thing for PERL learning

So I am ready to learn PERL now. I am a WINDOW lover. So I would like to go for WINDOW only. I am used to work with WINDOW operating system therefore I prefer to go with WINDOW. Now I need a PERL environment. For this purpose, I will go for ActivePerl (download here). It’s free and the best PERL environment I came through over internet. I need an efficient text editor to write my PERL scripts. Although WINDOW comes with a free text editor but I found useless and inconvenient to script writing.
 I will recommend two text editors- Notepad++ and TextPad for PERL script writing. Notepad++ is a free and efficient text editor and you can download Notepad++ from HERETextPad is not a free text editor but evaluation version of TextPad can be used for unlimited time. Few simple click can help you to install these programs.

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