KEGG Sequence Downloader : retrieve gene sequences in Fasta format from KEGG database

I wanted to download the gene sequence of tobacco from NCBI. Since NCBI also contains the isoform and some other unwanted genes, therefore I choose to get it from KEGG. Although KEGGREST is a wonderful R package to retrieve the data from KEGG, but it limits the retrieval. The following bash script can help to download the thousands of sequences in a single go without any limitation. Although this is a crude solution and there must be an efficient way to do it but it worked for me. Basically, this bash script works in three steps:
  • Split IDs in a given chunk 
  • Download fasta sequences as HTML file 
  •  Clean HTML file and save the result


bash query_file number_of_sequence
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Script name Download

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Gene clustering is a common method to find the groups of the gene with similar expression patterns.  However, it is not always easy to decide the number of clusters in the whole datasets. The following R script uses the most popular methods for determining the optimal clusters. This R script uses "TF_average.csv" as input and saves the result as "optial_cluster.png".

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We need the following R libraries to run the script
  • factoextra
  • NbClust


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